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We offer Rent to Own MacBooks along with Rent to Own Apple Computers and other various Apple products on agreements for a term of 12 months, and offer affordable monthly payments to meet your particular needs!


See our requirements below!

Proof of Address

A utility bill, cell phone bill, lease agreement or any other official document with your name & address.

Photo ID

You will need a state or federally issued photo ID card to verify your identity.

Proof of Income

Last 3 pay stubs for employment income.  Last 3 months of bank statements showing deposits for other forms of income.

Bank Account

Have an active bank account with a debit/credit card for your initial payment and to setup on to automatic payments.  No prepaid cards.


Three good references are required.  At least one relative and one non-relative NOT living with you.

Initial Payment

Make your first monthly payment plus any shipping and your item will be on its way!


No Credit Needed!

There are many reasons for you to choose us for

your new Apple computer!

No Credit Needed!

We offer exceptional customer service to our customers, including basic tech support with a wide variety of hardware/software issues you might be having (although its an Apple, so this doesn't happen often!).

If you have been turned down for financing through Apple and just don't have the cash needed to buy a new computer, we can provide a flexible, friendly alternative for you to get the new Apple computer you dream of.

Unlike huge, faceless national chains, we are a small, veteran owned business who's only goal is to help you get that new Apple product!

Finally, when it comes to every other rent-to-own company, our prices are FAR​ superior to any of our competition.



  • + Is this real? Who is iRent-A-Mac?

    YES!  We have been in business for almost 3 years.  We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and work directly with Apple to purchase our computers brand new with the latest specifications.  We are a small, veteran owned company in the Phoenix area.  We noticed there was a need for another alternative for people to be able to get the Apple computers they wanted and we have many very happy, satisfied customers to speak for us.  Just see some of the great things our customers are saying.

  • + How does this work?

    The way our program works is that we look to find alternate ways to help people make the large purchase that comes with buying a new Apple computer.  We provide short-term rent-to-own agreements to help you pay off your computer sooner and take ownership sooner and much less than other companies.  When we are working to get you qualified, we look at people instead of just numbers like a credit score and try to find a way to get you in to the computer you want and need.

  • + Do I qualify for a NEW Apple computer? What are the requirements?

    The chances are you probably do!  80% of our applicants end up qualifying for our program, even when they have been turned down by traditional lenders!  If you are at least 18 years of age, meet our income requirements (*see below) and you have been at your job (or self employed) for at least 6 months, then you probably will qualify.

    Our income requirement is that you make at least $1200/mo and then that you make at least 10x what ever your expected monthly payment would be.  (For example, if the computer you want is $160/mo, then you would need to make at least $1600/mo.) 

    From there, as long as you provide us with 3 good references and there are no major red flags, then you will be on your way to owning that brand new Apple computer you've wanted! 

    We accept income from employment, self-employment, Social Security/Veterans Affairs, and long term disability.

    We do not accept unemployment, child support, education benefits/financial aid, or short-term disability.

  • + How much of a down payment is required?

    The down payment required is your initial monthly payment.  This must be made with either a debit or credit card and we do require that you setup your card on to automatic payments for the remaining payments.  Once you have signed your agreement, then we will process your initial payment (including any necessary shipping charges) and get your NEW Apple computer to you. After that, your payments will begin a month following when you receive your computer.

  • + Is there a prepayment penalty?

    Absolutely NOT!  In fact, we offer 2 options for you to pay off your item early and save even more money! 

    The first is our 90-day payoff program where anytime in the first 90 days of when your agreement starts, you can purchase your computer for the 90-day price (plus tax) and any payments you have made during that time go towards that purchase price!  It is the BEST and CHEAPEST way to purchase your computer through us. 

    After the 90-days, you still can purchase early with our 70% payoff program.  The way this works is at anytime after the 90 days, you can payoff your computer by simply paying 70% of your remaining balance.  It's that easy!

    Both of these are just options though, so if it is easier to simply make your monthly payment, then you are more than welcome to do so.  Once you make your final payment, the computer will be paid off and you will own it!  There will be NO fees or additional charges at the end!

  • + How long is the approval process?

    The answer to the is really up to you!  In most cases we are able to get people approved either the same day or the next day!  Much of this depends on how quickly you respond to our requests for uploading the required documents and then your time to review and electronically sign the lease agreement.

    If you are quick to respond and there are no major issues that we run in to, it is quite common for us to be able to have your item shipped to you the next business day!

  • + What happens if I can't make a payment?

    We understand that things happen and people hit rough patches along the way.  We are more than willing to help you and help to work through any issues that you might be having.  Give us a call or send us an email to let us know your situation and we will see if we can find a way to continue the agreement and work through it.

    If we are unable to find a way to work through things and you are unable to make your payments, then you MUST return the computer to us, as we maintain ownership of the item until you complete the agreement or exercise an early purchase option.  If this happens, DON'T WORRY THOUGH!  There are ways for you to be able to get back in to your computer and continue with your payments where you left off!

    If you do find yourself in this position just know that your automatic payments will be stopped and you will NO LONGER BE RESPONSIBLE for any future payments (unlike traditional financing).  We will even pay the cost to ship it back to us!  It's that easy!

    Please understand that we will make every effort possible to work with you, but ultimately we do have a business to run.  If you cannot pay for the computer you MUST return it to us and failing to do so could lead to criminal charges under Arizona law (A.R.S. 13-1806).

  • + Can I get a custom configured Apple computer?

    In some cases, we are able to order new, custom built computers directly from Apple.  There is a delay as these computers take some time to be built by Apple.  Prior to placing any pre-order/custom-build order, we do require a 2 months deposit prior to ordering, which is non-refundable (unless of course there is some issue on our end). 

    From there, once your computer is delivered to you and the paperwork is signed, we begin your payments 1 month following the delivery date.  Prices on custom built computers are determined on a case-by-case scenario so feel free to call us or email us to find our more.

  • + Can I get more than one item?

    We do have some restrictions on the number of items you can get.

    You can initially only get one computer from us.  There are some exceptions, though.  For some businesses, on a case by case basis, we can allow more than one computer.  Also, for active/current customers, after 6 months of on-time payments, if your income meets our requirements to support the payments, we do allow a second computer to be added.


    We do allow a second item such as an Apple Watch or iPad if you are getting or currently have a computer with us without having to wait 6 months.  Again, your income MUST meet our minimum requirements to qualify for the additional item.

    If you have any questions about what you would be able to get and when, please chat with us, give us a call, or
    email us and we would be glad to answer your questions!

The large, nationally known Rent-A-Center and Aaron's Leasing don't even offer new Apple computers, but here is a comparison of the price you pay when you go with these guys:

Aaron's Leasing
Dell Inspiron Laptop - Compare Pricing

Dell Inspiron 5000


Retail Price: $549.99

Aaron's 90-day Price: $1169.99 (2.13x Retail)

Monthly Rental: $129.99 (for 12 months)

Total Cost of Ownership: $1559.98 (2.84x Retail)

Now let's compare how much you will save with iRent-A-Mac compared to other companies who do provide Apple computers:

13" MacBook Air

13" MacBook Air

Retail Price: $999

Shop-A-Flex Competitor

90-day Price: N/A

Monthly Rental: $238 (for 12 months)

Total Cost of Ownership: $2856 (2.86x Retail)

Leaseville Competitor

90-day Price: N/A

Monthly Rental: $194 (for 12 months)

Total Cost of Ownership: $2328 (2.33x Retail)

iRent A Mac Logo

90-day Price: $1299 (1.30x Retail)

Monthly Rental: $160 (for 12 months)

Total Cost of Ownership: $1920 (1.92x Retail)


A NEW Alternative For Apple Ownership.  We are a small, veteran owned company NOW serving the entire United States.  We realize there are a lot of great people out there who want and deserve a new way to get the new Apple products they need.


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