About Us


Our mission is to provide high quality, innovative, and beautifully designed Apple products to our customers through low cost, short-term, rent-to-own agreements.


We believe there are a lot of great people out there who want, need, and deserve a new way to own the beautiful Apple products for their home or business... at an affordable price and in a short amount of time!


We are a small, veteran owned business based out of sunny Tempe, AZ.  We have been in business over two years and we NOW provide rent-to-own agreements to customers all across the country.  We work closely with our partners with the Apple Business Team to ensure that we only provide the latest and greatest Apple products.  You can rest assured that the computers we provide are the exact same models and specifications that you would get if you went in to the Apple store today.


Owned and operated by our founder, Edward Watson, an Army Infantry veteran who served 15-months in Iraq supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom.  He is a husband and father who knows all too well what it was like to not be able to have the things he wanted and needed all because of credit problems that were far in his past.  It is because of this, along with his passion to help other people, that led to the founding of iRent-A-Mac, with the hopes of helping others to own some of the best and most innovative computers and devices available today!